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In the hi-fi / home theatre hobby it seems there are a plethora of reviewer, forums goers and condescending audio engineers who are hell-bent on making buying hi-fi as confusing as possible…Buying hi-fi is easy. Buying hi-fi is also fun. There are a lot of reviews out there but it is important to remember that these are subjective opinions.

Trust your ears! 

Don’t always rely on reviews! They can be useful as a good starting point, but don’t be dissuaded from buying something you really love just because some old bloke in England said the highs were a little too “harsh”. Reviews are opinions.

SAF – Spouse / Style acceptance factor

You wouldn’t buy a butt ugly couch just because it is the most comfortable in the showroom right? Why force yourself to buy the ugliest speakers just because they sound good? Lots of audio snobs scoff at you for wanting your equipment to look good… forget them, style is important!

Buy what excites you!

I have met many fellow hi-fi enthusiasts and have never agreed completely with any of them in regards to our favourite audio equipment. Is that because I have terrible hearing? No, it is because there is no such thing as the best speaker, amplifier, turntable etc. Everybody likes different things and have different tastes. No one agrees on everything so buy what makes you happy! (don't fear the online opinions / reviews). 

Try not to get caught up on the little stuff

THD, RMS and Ohm load making you feel overwhelmed? You don’t have to be an audio engineer to enjoy hi-fi. You really don’t even need to know what these mean. It is true that a few manufacturers would attempt to fool you into thinking that their amplifier is more powerful than it really is (read: “How to read amplifier specs” below to unveil the ruse!) you should always fall back on the expert advice of our staff members if you feel unsure.

e.g. “I am looking at X amplifier with Y speakers, would they be compatible?” is an excellent question to ask!

This stuff will last you a while and will be the most used appliance in your household. Still not convinced to follow your heart? Want the cold hard facts and numbers?

Follow the buying guides below:



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